Ankle and Foot Surgery

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Ankle and Foot Surgery services offered in Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Huntley and Montclare, Chicago, IL

Foot and ankle injuries keep you from doing the activities you love. At Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, with offices in Elgin, Schaumburg, Huntley, and the Montclare neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, the board-certified podiatrists perform ankle and foot surgery to repair damage and improve your mobility. Call the location nearest you or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

What is ankle and foot surgery?

Ankle and foot surgery refers to various procedures that address damage, injuries, and degenerative conditions that affect the feet and ankles. 

While your podiatrist at Advanced Foot and Ankles Specialists always conservatively treats foot and ankle conditions, surgery is often necessary to repair the damage.

What are the different types of ankle and foot surgery?

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists offers multiple types of ankle and foot surgery, including:

Ankle joint replacement

Ankle joint replacement is a surgical procedure that removes damaged bone and cartilage and restores the joint’s function with artificial prosthetics.

Achilles tendon repair

If you suffer an Achilles tendon rupture, your podiatrist can stitch the tendon together to alleviate pain and restore its function.

Bunion surgery

A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe. If nonsurgical treatments aren’t enough to relieve your pain and improve mobility, your podiatrist may remove the bunion.

Foot fracture surgery

A foot fracture that doesn’t heal on its own may require surgery. During this procedure, your podiatrist makes an incision in your foot and realigns the small, bony fragments to promote healing.

Morton’s neuroma surgery

Morton’s neuroma is a benign growth that typically affects the nerve between your third and fourth toes. While you can’t see a neuroma, it may cause chronic pain that diminishes your mobility. 

Surgery to remove the tissue around the neuroma may help relieve tension. If your neuroma continues to cause pain, your podiatrist may remove the nerve altogether.

Toenail fungus surgery

Fungal nails are the result of a fungus called onychomycosis. Partial or full removal of the nail eliminates the fungus and can prevent it from returning.

How do I know if I need ankle and foot surgery?

Ankle and foot surgery is a last resort if nonsurgical treatments have failed to relieve your pain or restore function to your injury. The podiatrists at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists may recommend ankle and foot surgery if you have:

  • Chronic pain that impedes your mobility
  • Limited range of motion
  • Pain that worsens with activity
  • Persistent swelling

After a comprehensive evaluation, your podiatrist can determine whether ankle and foot surgery is right for you. Call Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.